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The sound of project executive, Taylor Bredow, walking the halls of jobsites across the Carolinas is one that those who work with him know well. His heels hit heavy with intention and purpose as he leads the Carolinas Special Projects Group—counting every square foot he’s built along the way.

But Taylor’s intentional leadership and integral role within Balfour Beatty’s Special Projects Group stems from more than the critical eye he’s utilized to track and manage upwards of 1,350,000 square feet of construction. Taylor’s dedication to his craft is founded upon the principles of providing Balfour Beatty’s clients with an individualized approach and demonstrating servant leadership—within Balfour Beatty and the communities in which we live and build.

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Deanna Skipper Takes the Healthcare Industry by Storm

If it really is a man’s world, then someone (with apologies to James Brown) surely forgot to tell Deanna Skipper. Deanna and women like her have completely flipped the script, challenging convention one square foot at a time.

And speaking of square feet, Deanna’s built thousands of them, primarily in the healthcare market. But her story almost had an entirely different ending. After graduating from Coastal Carolina University with a degree in business, Deanna quickly found herself daydreaming about a career that wouldn’t confine her to claustrophobia-inducing cubicles.

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Every success story begins with our commitment to you

We live in a time of experts. Whether it’s how to change the cracked screen on your cell phone, how to poach an egg, or how to master the chords of a guitar, access to information and knowledge is as quick as 100 megabits per second. Developing an expertise has become as simple as click-clack-search. With a few tutorial videos under our belts and an equal share of trial and error, we label ourselves experts of any and everything. Stacking cups, throwing frisbees, organizing the kitchen junk drawer? There’s an expert for each. The problem with such instant access to everything expert? We’ve lost sight of one of the main ingredients in the recipe of expertise—experience. No number of videos, message boards or incessant ‘Googling’ can hold the same powerful effect as time.

A connoisseur of his craft, senior project manager, Knox Tate, is an interiors expert who has earned his stripes over the course of fifty years. After five decades in the construction industry, to say he’s seen it all is an understatement. Since joining the workforce there have been seven different Presidents, twenty-one Olympic games, more than twenty-two billion Big Mac’s sold, and the population of Tate’s beloved hometown of Charlotte—more than tripled!

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From Preconstruction to Project Solutions, Nick Puckett Paves the Way for Drone Innovation

It’s been said that necessity is the mother of invention. For Senior Preconstruction Manager Nick Puckett, that proverb might be better phrased as curiosity is the cultivator of innovation.

Recognizing their vast applications to enhance project management, Balfour Beatty’s Charlotte team invested in a drone. But they needed the right person to effectively lead a drone program. Although the technology was completely new to Nick, without hesitation he raised his hand and went to work—all outside his day-to-day preconstruction responsibilities.

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Redline Design Group Office Upfit

This project involves the adaptive re-use of mid-century warehouse space for Redline Design Group's relocation to the Switch Yard in Charlotte, NC.

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Mooresville Police Department Headquarters

The new Mooresville Police Department Headquarters will provide the Mooresville Police Department with the space and resources to best serve the Town of Mooresville's ever-growing population.

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