Titus Rodriguez

Relentless Ally

Embodying Respect, Kindness and Personal Integrity

For some, the family business leads to a lifetime career. Titus Rodriguez got his first taste of construction working for his dad’s construction company in high school. After graduation, Titus served in the army for two years before heading to college and earning a bachelor’s degree in sociology and an associate’s degree in criminal justice. While in college, he also served in the Army Reserves and participated in the ROTC program. Upon graduation, Titus was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Military Intelligence Corps. He credits the military for giving him a foundation of leadership skills used throughout his life.

When Titus first started as an assistant project manager at Balfour Beatty in 2001, he worked mostly on small projects. His parents had always instilled in him that if you work hard and excel in small tasks then you will be trusted and rewarded with greater areas responsibility. Learning from others, acquiring sound leadership skills, and maintaining relationships have served him well throughout his career. Titus now serves as senior project manager of the Frost Tower project, a 25-story Class A office tower and the first commercial skyscraper to be built in downtown Fort Worth in over a decade. From day one on this complex project, Titus knew that the key to success was a high-powered team.

What is a high-power team to Titus? “They excel as professionals, but also care for each other and show mutual admiration. If a team with these qualities is assigned to a project they will go above and beyond,” says Titus. “To keep the team connected, it’s also important to have fun. The team enjoys spending time together. We have a family culture. We have a tight bond and support each other. We also support our community. We actively participate.”

Outside of his past and present coworkers, Titus credits his wife as his number one coach and largest supporter. After 20 years of marriage, 16 years of employment at Balfour Beatty, and three moves along the way his wife has stayed by his side cheering him on.

Respect and kindness are essential for Titus. His motto is: do what is right and never take advantage of others. A river of change has flooded the construction industry since Titus started working with Balfour Beatty. At that time, poor relations between general contractors and trade partners were often the norm. Titus made Balfour Beatty his home because he saw a different approach. He saw Balfour Beatty as the forerunner of a more professional construction industry where respect for others was paramount. Today, Titus sees partnership as a valued element throughout the industry, and he is proud that Balfour Beatty has never wavered in this approach.

Karl Joeris, vice president of Balfour Beatty’s Fort Worth office, appreciates Titus’ service to the Fort Worth community and his commitment to helping his clients and staff. “Whether leading fundraising for community service projects or recognition of others, he has created an environment of teamwork and servant leadership. He exemplifies the meaning of doing the right thing when no one is looking and never looks for credit. Titus inspires other employees and trade partners to be Relentless Allies for the community.”

Following in the footsteps of his past mentors, Titus is always there for the employees that work for him. At the root of everything for Titus is respect. Respect for the client, the team, the company, and for the work itself.

“I am the sum of everyone I have ever worked with over my lifetime. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by exceptional, high caliber individuals—people who embody personal integrity.”
Titus Rodriquez