Our People
Relentless Pursuit of Excellence
Our people bring the passion, drive and ingenuity to make great things happen for our clients, communities, and industry.
  • ​Paul Studley

    Paul Studley puts the sincerity into safety.

  • Adrienne Williams

    A consummate ambassador for the cause of inclusion, Adrienne Williams not only promotes Balfour Beatty’s commitment to diversity, but she also helps connect growing businesses to the people and resources they need to be successful.

  • Alex Ramos

    Alex Ramos earns valuable Construction Health and Safety Technician Certification

  • Anders Lindgren

    For Anders Lindgren, construction is where ambition meets adventure.

  • Cecilia Kucharski

    A Relentless Ally for our company and the community.

  • Clay Collins

    ​From convert to champion, Clay Collins makes safety personal.

  • Gillette, WY Rail Team

    Balfour Beatty's Gillette, WY Rail Team - A Treasured Resource

  • Greg Baker

    For Greg Baker, life changing moment becomes life saving mission.

  • Pat Anderson

    Meet Relentless Ally Pat Anderson, Balfour Beatty’s first female superintendent in California. She joined our team three decades ago and has helped pave the way for women in construction.

  • Pedro Regalado

    Meet Pedro Regalado, humble and heartfelt safety champion.

  • Alan Wahlstrom and Genelle McDonald

    The talented builders who head up our special projects and interiors groups aren’t just building dreams. They just so happen to be living out their own.

  • Jeff Askins and Richard Trahan

    Answering the call: Our Relentless Allies in Austin keep the state office building operational with A/C fix.

  • Mike Janssen

    With three decades of experience under his belt, Mike Janssen's leadership is already moving mountains in the field.

  • Jeff Askins

    Jeff Askins is in the business of finding out what makes his clients tick.

  • David Stanton

    With more than 20 years in the construction industry, David Stanton has been responsible for over a billion dollars of healthcare construction projects throughout the Carolinas.

  • Kendal Patterson

    The 45-minute drive to and from the office each day is quite possibly the most consistent part of Kendal Patterson’s workday.

  • Komail Abbas

    A champion for clients and teammates alike, Komail Abbas consistently delivers operational excellence.

  • Kelly Mejia

    This bright young star has a master’s degree in construction management, general contractor license and LEED® Green credentials.

  • Titus Rodriguez

    For Titus Rodriguez, respect for others is at the forefront of his work in the construction industry.

  • Bryan Osborne

    A champion for clients and communities, Project Executive Bryan Osborne consistently leads people and projects to success.

  • Eric Garcia

    When it comes to Zero Harm and Zero Waste, Eric Garcia (pictured left) leads by example. And he’s got the hardware to prove it.

  • Ryan O’Donnell

    When Project Manager Ryan O’Donnell is on a project, it’s always a “hole-in-one”. 

  • Jimmy Anderson

    This project executive has dedicated his life's work to a single company in pursuit of a singular goal: excellence.

  • Kyle Frandsen

    Meet Kyle, our sustainability project manager who is paving the way for future “LEEDers” in construction. 

  • Mike Weber

    This project executive learned the meaning of a solid work ethic at age five and leverages lessons learned as a winning coach and lacrosse player to deliver winning project outcomes.

  • Erik Russell

    When respect, commitment and a relentless pursuit of excellence is in your genes, it shows.

  • Elizabeth Angel

    Innovator, engineer, hacker and energetic leader. Didn’t think that was possible in one package? You haven’t met our senior process manager, Elizabeth Angel yet! 

  • Dennis Kuykendall

    A Balfour Beatty shining star…Project Executive Dennis Kuykendall is best in class in school construction.

  • Sean Graham

    Dependable, devoted dream-builder, Sean Graham, makes his mark in the Mid-Atlantic.

  • Chad Brewer

    Chad Brewer, our operations director is a born builder and solid Relentless Ally. He shares his perspectives on building connections and trust. 

  • Iris Canary

    Leaving an enduring fingerprint on the communities in which we live, work and build.

  • John Uhl

    John Uhl is in the business of building relationships, teams and solutions to problems.

  • John Wilkins

    What do you get when you combine a passion for moving dirt with the perseverance of a three time Ironman triathlete?

  • Mandy Squib

    Mandy Squib, preconstruction manager in North Texas, takes a “One Team” approach to success.