Our People
Relentless Pursuit of Excellence
Our people bring the passion, drive and ingenuity to make great things happen for our clients, communities and industry.
  • ​Paul Studley

    Paul Studley puts the sincerity into safety.

  • Aaron Neeley

    Third-generation journeyman, paving the way for the next generation.

  • Aislinn Nagy

    Aislinn Nagy is proving the future of construction belongs to anyone who devotes themselves to building it.

  • Alex Ramos

    Alex Ramos earns valuable Construction Health and Safety Technician Certification

  • Amanda Patton

    A respected and collaborative building partner, Amanda Patton is committed to the continuous improvement of her projects, teams and the industry-at-large.

  • Amy Kennedy

    Amy Kennedy is a proud champion for inclusion and a role model for up-and-coming builders everywhere.

  • Annie Hughes

    Thirty-six years ago, Annie Hughes set out on a career path that still surprises people: construction. Today, she's an inspirational leader who sets the standard for all preconstruction professionals, and the countless young women that she mentors.

  • April Medlin

    When April Medlin was young, she dreamt of becoming a nurse. Little did she know, April would one day impact the lives of hundreds of children through her role in construction.

  • Ashrita Parvataneni

    Born and raised in India among a family of engineers and scientists, Ashrita Parvataneni didn’t always envision a career in construction. But once she discovered her passion for the fast-paced, ever-changing environment of construction sites, she’s never looked back.

  • Beth Davis

    A recognized ground-up construction expert, Beth Davis has helped shape the Charlotte skyline.

  • Brendan McGrath

    Brendan McGrath’s humble perspective brings humanity together for the greater good.

  • Candis Parker

    An advisor and advocate for her industry and community, Candis Parker has left an indelible mark on the Carolinas.

  • Deanna Skipper

    Healthcare construction expert, Deanna Skipper, loves the technical aspects of her job. But her biggest point of pride is the people and communities she’s served.

  • Diego Vildosola-Magana

    Diego Vildosola Magana, Balfour Beatty estimating intern in California and 2021 Intern Competition Winner, shares his experience as an intern and his love of history and building.

  • Dimelina Mora

    Dimelina has seized every opportunity in her path, expanding her sphere of influence within Balfour Beatty, her industry and community.

  • Elias Bahar

    Elias Bahar is a TREC Volunteer Impact Award recipient, receiving recognition for making lasting change in the Dallas community.

  • Ellie McBride

    Ellie McBride jumps outside her comfort zone, into a new country, new culture and surrounded by new teammates.

  • Eric Yates

    EHS Manager, Eric Yates shares heat-stress prevention methods with Maryland House Delegates.

  • Erica Frandsen

    From winning work to investing in our local communities, Erica Frandsen’s commitment to excellence has positioned Balfour Beatty to build new futures across California.

  • Gil Fullen

    For Balfour Beatty's first Latino Executive, the job is more than building structures - building lasting relationships with clients, partners and teammates on an individual level has always been important.

  • Harland Mims

    From intern to construction engineer, Harland Mims has paved the way for a successful career in civils construction at Balfour Beatty.

  • Jim Twilley

    Across Texas, Jim Twilley is known for his passionate commitment to Zero Harm and being a Relentless Ally for the safety of his teammates.

  • Jordan Webster

    U.S. Army and Iraq War veteran Jordan Webster’s unlikely journey to become a construction safety leader began in a different continent and under tragic circumstances. But he has turned pain into purpose by raising awareness about the importance of mental health and suicide prevention.

  • Kassandra Kloster-Braden

    From rail to water, this talented young builder is on a fast-track to success in civils construction.

  • Kellie Jasso

    A champion of diversity and inclusivity, Kellie courageously shares her inspirational journey of coming out in the workplace with with D CEO Magazine.

  • Kim Hodges

    Human Resources leader Kim Hodges leverages her diverse career background to ensure Balfour Beatty's people-first culture is ingrained in every facet of our business.

  • Kofi Afriyie

    An industry advocate for change, Kofi promotes minority recruitment, mentorship and critical conversations.

  • Laura McWilliams

    Laura McWilliams shifted her career at a pivotal point to build a successful and rewarding career in the field.

  • Layli Pietri

    Layli Pietri shares her inspirational journey from jobsite administration to minority business development director.

  • Leon Blondin

    US Buildings CEO Leon Blondin is a leader who believes the best business decisions put people first. His unique journey in the construction industry began with a simple leap. 

  • Martin Rogstad

    Martin Rogstad is proof that the next generation of industry professionals recognizes innovation is the lifeblood of progress.

  • Matt Stephenson

    Matt Stephenson has developed a reputation as one of Charlotte’s most adaptable and diversified builders, meeting the evolving needs of his clients and partners.

  • Maxwell Kesselly

    Paving Engineer Maxwell Kesselly takes a proactive role in establishing positive relationships and trust with the communities where we work and build.

  • Melissa Morgan

    A curiosity for construction, Melissa shares her journey from intern to new hire.

  • Mike Wehner

    Mike Wehner wrote the book on customer service.

  • Nick Cusanelli

    Nick Cusanelli, general superintendent in Portland, demonstrates what being a good neighbor truly means when working on a mixed-use project within a bustling downtown area.

  • Nick Puckett

    A learner and a leader, the sky’s the limit for Nick as he leverages drones to help revolutionize the construction industry as we know it.

  • Nick Wegener

    With a steadfast commitment to exceptional service and operational excellence, Nick Wegener has become a Relentless Ally for clients across the Southeast.

  • North Carolina A&T State University Project Team

    At NC A&T State University, our innovative student engagement plan has helped revolutionize engineering education.

  • Orival Thompson, Jr.

    Retired State Trooper, Orival Thompson, makes it his duty to ensure Balfour Beatty drivers and vehicles are safe and USDOT compliant on highways across the US.

  • Paul Chang

    Paul was recently recognized with the Albert R. Vallin Award for Estimator of the Year.

  • Pete Caley

    Superintendent Pete Caley invests in the next generation of construction industry leaders.

  • Rachele Phariss

    Rachele Phariss didn’t just find a rewarding career at Balfour Beatty—she found a family. Today, this bright young builder is contributing to one of our largest projects, the LAX Automated People Mover.

  • Michele Cummings

    Michele Cummings builds relationships to last across her local Austin and trade partner communities.

  • Earnest DeLoach, Jr.

    Earnest has built a successful career and life by continually mitigating and resolving risk.

  • Titus Rodriguez

    For Titus Rodriguez, respect for others is at the forefront of his work in the construction industry.

  • Emily Kay

    Los Angeles Business Journal Names Emily Kay as one of 2020's Outstanding Women in Construction Management and Design

  • Ryan O’Donnell

    When Project Manager Ryan O’Donnell is on a project, it’s always a “hole-in-one”. 

  • Wayne Kibbe

    Balfour Beatty’s own Wayne Kibbe Named Superintendent of the Year!

  • Elizabeth Angel

    Innovator, engineer, hacker and energetic leader. Didn’t think that was possible in one package? You haven’t met our senior process manager, Elizabeth Angel yet! 

  • Dennis Kuykendall

    A Balfour Beatty shining star…Project Executive Dennis Kuykendall is best in class in school construction.

  • Trent Johnson

    Trent’s leadership has been instrumental in nurturing Balfour Beatty’s long-standing relationship with valued aviation client and executing on the challenges of working in an active airport environment.

  • Henry Thacker

    Henry Thacker leads a team of fast-track delivery specialists who execute projects of diverse scopes and sizes across Florida with a people-first customer experience.

  • Megan Cook-Eichelberger

    Whether she's anticipating the needs of trade partners, advocating for marginalized communities or lending a hand to new teammates, Megan is building relationships to last.

  • Alan Wahlstrom

    The talented builder who heads up our special projects and interiors groups aren’t just building dreams. He just so happens to be living out his own.

  • Chad Brewer

    Chad Brewer, our operations director is a born builder and solid Relentless Ally. He shares his perspectives on building connections and trust. 

  • Iris Canary

    Leaving an enduring fingerprint on the communities in which we live, work and build.

  • Amar Vel

    Amar Vel has taken countless projects from mere napkin sketches to become recognized Atlanta landmarks.

  • Florida Relentless Ally Winners

    Relentlesly committed to our clients. Our teams bring the passion, drive and ingenuity to make great things happen.

  • Becky Fisher

    Becky leads by example and is encouraged by her teammates who inspire her to show up as her "best self" every day!

  • Bob Mrdjenovich

    Carpenter, coach, champion. Safety Bob encompasses them all.

  • Bryan Osborne

    A champion for clients and communities, Project Executive Bryan Osborne consistently leads people and projects to success.

  • Chad Humphrey

    Chad’s superior project management and consistent community outreach demonstrate that he’s not just here to watch the Triangle grow from the sidelines. 

  • Dave Campbell

    A passion for perseverance, Project Executive Dave Campbell shares how he cultivated his winning strategy for success.


  • David Stanton

    With more than 20 years in the construction industry, David Stanton has been responsible for over a billion dollars of healthcare construction projects throughout the Carolinas.

  • Eric Garcia

    When it comes to Zero Harm and Zero Waste, Eric Garcia (pictured left) leads by example. And he’s got the hardware to prove it.

  • Jason Sizemore

    Jason Sizemore exemplifies the mutually beneficial relationship of a people-first leadership perspective.

  • Kendal Patterson

    The 45-minute drive to and from the office each day is quite possibly the most consistent part of Kendal Patterson’s workday.

  • Knox Tate

    An Inside Look at an Interiors Expert

  • Mike Weber

    This project executive learned the meaning of a solid work ethic at age five and leverages lessons learned as a winning coach and lacrosse player to deliver winning project outcomes.

  • Sean Graham

    Dependable, devoted dream-builder, Sean Graham, makes his mark in the Mid-Atlantic.

  • Ronnie Hall

    Ronnie Hall keeps business local while building a stronger Savannah.

  • Rudy Armendariz

    BIM expert Rudy Armendariz branches out to keep teammates safe.

  • Ryan Little

    Safety, Health and Environment Director Ryan Little recalls a life-changing conversation that forever impacted his approach to Zero Harm.

  • Shane Connolly

    A champion for his clients and a leader to his team, Senior Project Manager Shane Connolly consistently delivers operational and service excellence with passion and drive.

  • Taylor Bredow

    Taylor Bredow helps guide the Carolinas' Special Projects Group to deliver best-in-class projects while mentoring the next generation of industry leaders.

  • Terry Marsh

    Terry Marsh took a leap and landed a successful 30-year career in quality control.

  • Will Pfeffer

    Will Pfeffer jumps on an opportunity in rail and is loving the ride.