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    Balfour Beatty Construction Chief of Innovation Presents at Design-Build Conference & Expo

    November 05, 2015

    Mark Konchar joins research colleagues to present findings from study focused on owners maximizing success on integrated projects 

    DALLAS – Balfour Beatty Construction’s Chief of Innovation Mark Konchar recently joined fellow research partners to present findings from their report “Maximizing Success on Integrated Projects: An Owner’s Guide” at the Design-Build Conference & Expo in Denver. The conference is the Design-Build Institute of America’sannual conference that brings together industry professionals spanning the A/E/C community, including owners who are both new to and experienced in design-build project delivery.      

    Presenting before the general session, Konchar and his research colleagues led a discussion on how owners can apply the most important findings from the report. With the goal of providing owners with empirical evidence and practical guidance for making delivery strategy decisions, the new research data was prompted by numerous requests to update the 1998 Construction Industry Institute (CII)/Penn State study on project delivery methods. Based on the analysis of 204 U.S. projects completed between 2008 and 2013, the resulting new data and process provides owners a structured approach to developing a holistic project delivery strategy to improve project outcomes.  

    “Joining my peers to present this updated research is rewarding because it’s important for our industry to continuously evaluate processes and provide owners with the insights and data necessary to effectively set up projects for success,” said Mark Konchar, chief of innovation, Balfour Beatty Construction. “Historically, many owners have selected project delivery methods alone based on what they’re most familiar with, but what this research highlights is that owners themselves drive project success by selecting project delivery strategies which increase team integration and cohesion.”    

    A key learning from the research is that project delivery decisions should not be made independently from one another. As the authors reported, the organizational structure, procurement processes and contractual terms should be designed in concert as a strategy. In particular, the research indicates that strategies that align project teams, through both integrated processes and attention to team cohesion, are now critical factors for achieving project success in terms of cost, quality and schedule performance.  

    The research also demonstrates that no one project delivery strategy is appropriate for all projects. Rather, project-specific goals and constraints will determine the optimal delivery strategy. The results of this research show that owners should seek to maximize integrated practices and group cohesion to the greatest extent possible in all project delivery strategies.  

    For more information or to download “Maximizing Success on Integrated Projects: An Owner’s Guide”