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    Balfour Beatty, as part of LINXS Constructors, Completes LAX Automated People Mover’s 2.25-Mile Train Guideway Superstructure

    April 25, 2022

    LOS ANGELES –  Balfour Beatty, as part of LINXS Constructors, celebrates the completion of the Los Angeles International Airport’s (LAX) Automated People Mover’s (APM) 2.25-mile train guideway superstructure. With the last concrete pour of the elevated guideway now complete, the centerpiece of Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) multi-billion-dollar modernization program progresses towards delivery in providing a long-term transportation solution that eases traffic congestion and creates reliable access to airline terminals for LAX passengers and airport employees worldwide.

    “The Automated People Mover will be so much more than another way to get to LAX – it’s the piece of the puzzle that will end the congestion that has been plaguing our airport for decades,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti. “This project is a historic investment in our city’s transportation future, and today’s milestone brings us another step closer to our ultimate goal: bringing modern, reliable public transportation to our airport.”

    "Los Angeles no longer has to imagine a transformed LAX, rather we can see the future through our own eyes with the completion of the 2.25 miles of Automated People Mover guideway that will one day soon carry train cars filled with travelers and employees," said Justin Erbacci, Chief Executive Officer, Los Angeles World Airports. "Over the last two-and-a-half years, we have seen the guideway rise up from its foundation to become a fully completed track, providing us a glimpse at what will provide time-guaranteed access to the airport, ensuring greater mobility for all of those coming to and from LAX."

    Guideway construction began in November 2019 with the first underground support columns being placed, followed by the first column pours in January 2020 and the first guideway segment pour in September 2020. A total of 69,700 cubic yards of concrete were poured since 2019 to complete the structure, along with more than one million work hours.

    The last major pour for the guideway structure took place over Sepulveda Boulevard and completed on April 1 after two-and-a-half months of construction. It was the last of three cast-in-place segmentally constructed bridges on the project, the first of which was completed over Century Boulevard last December. The other span, built over Parking Structure 2B in the Central Terminal Area, was fully connected on March 19. Each of these three sections were constructed one short segment at a time with a traveling form system.

    Click here to view an educational video on cast-in-place segmental construction.

    “I applaud the entire LINXS Constructors team for reaching this tremendous milestone during the delivery of LAX’s Automated People Mover’s project,” said Mark Konchar, senior vice president and managing director for Balfour Beatty’s U.S. Rail operations. “The final concrete pour of the segmental bridge span over Sepulveda Boulevard signifies the remarkable efforts of the entire guideway and segmental team who successfully progresses construction of the APM’s 2.25-mile train guideway. With the superstructure fully connected from end to end, the Balfour Beatty team, along with our partners, look forward to continuing our vital work in providing a safe, transformative and sustainable transportation solution for LAX passengers worldwide.”

    With the guideway structure now complete, work will continue on building the plinths, which is what the train cars ride on, as well as construction of the emergency walkway on the guideway. The train stations, which are already under construction, will continue to progress with the last steel being placed for the Center and West CTA stations in the coming months. The train Maintenance and Storage Facility will be electrified this summer in preparation for the arrival of train cars.

    The centerpiece of LAX’s Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP), the APM is a 2.25-mile electric train system that will transport travelers in and out of the CTA, connecting them to new off-site parking facilities, regional light rail transportation and the Consolidated Rent-A-Car facility. The APM project is a critical investment into the infrastructure of Los Angeles as the city prepares to welcome the world to the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

    The APM will feature six stations: three stations inside the CTA, which connect to the terminals via elevated pedestrian walkways, and three stations outside the CTA, which will connect to new off-site parking facilities, regional light rail transportation and a Consolidated Rent-A-Car Facility. The APM is expected to relieve congestion within the CTA and in turn the surrounding thoroughfares, thereby reducing emissions and vehicle miles traveled.

    To learn more about LAX's modernization, visit FlyLAX.com/TransformingLAX