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    Balfour Beatty, as Part of CRC Joint Venture Team, Substantially Completes 183 South Project

    May 05, 2021

    AUSTIN –  Balfour Beatty, as part of Colorado River Constructors (CRC) joint venture team, substantially completes Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority’s (Mobility Authority) US 183 South project with the official opening of the entire length of the 183 Toll Road. With the delivery of the final tolled elements, travelers can utilize tolled direct flyover ramps between the 183 Toll Road and SH 71 improving mobility and reduced congestion throughout Travis County/the wider Austin community.

    Starting on Feb. 24, 2021, the final managed toll lanes on the US 183 South started collecting revenues on behalf of the Mobility Authority. Travelers can also use the improved US 183 general-purpose lanes adjacent to the 183 Toll Road if travelers prefer to non-toll option.

    Mobility Authority’s newly reconstructed and expanded eight-mile expressway stretches from US 290 to SH 71, tripling its capacity on the corridor to carry more than 60,000 vehicles each day and offering greater mobility, reliable travel times and improved access to affordable housing. The $743 million project involved constructing three tolled lanes in each direction in the middle of US 183, while the existing US 183 was reconstructed provide three non-tolled general-purpose lanes in each direction.

    US 183 South features five grade-separated interchanges, 38 new bridges, direct connect flyover ramps, intelligent traffic management systems and landscaping enhancements. In addition to providing a non-stop, signal free route to and from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, multimodal transportation options for pedestrian and bicyclist facilities will be delivered including a shared-use path, bike lanes and sidewalks along the roadway.

    “Shout out to the entire CRC joint venture team for substantially completing the US 183 South project on behalf of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority and the wider Austin community,” said John Rempe, PE, executive vice preside for Balfour Beatty’s Southwest civils operations. “It was an honor to deliver another critical transportation project in the state of Texas”

    The CRC joint venture team delivered the new 8-mile stretch of US 183 South in four years, completing phases of work that included improvements between US 290/290 Expressway and Techni Center Drive in 2019, opening 95-percent of the corridor in Fall 2020, and the recent opening of  the final two toll lanes and general-purpose lanes to public traffic.

    Although opening of the direct connector ramps between US 183 and SH 71 marks completion of the final tolled project elements, drivers should note that there will still be some roadway construction and other project elements to complete over the next several months. For more information, visit the 183 South Project website.