Message From Our COO
COO, Eric Stenman shares what he loves about being a part of the Balfour Beatty team.

Thanks for taking the time to consider joining our awesome team!
I’ve made Balfour Beatty Construction my home for the past 15 years and I have no desire to be anywhere else.
That’s because Balfour Beatty Construction has been able to offer exciting, high-profile career challenges and the opportunity to evolve and grow while still being able to maintain a family-style culture that places a high value on the people that make up our team.
We want Balfour Beatty Construction to continue to be a place where everyone on our team has these same opportunities and is inspired by the vision and culture we have created together.

To get a sense for whether or not Balfour Beatty Construction is a team you’d like to be a part of, it’s important to understand what we really value in a Balfour Beatty Construction teammate.

We value people who are passionate and completely committed to making each project a success. We also value people who will invest in their Balfour Beatty Construction teammates, both personally and professionally, and actively contribute to making our company the place where talented people (like you!) love to work. And, because we are committed to the safety of each person who comes in contact with our work – safety must be the highest priority for anyone on our team.

We are a team of devoted learners who grow from the best practices, ideas, and innovations that we take from each of our projects - so it’s important that every teammate buys into this aspiration and is committed to making this a natural way of life at our company.

We celebrate our diversity and unique differences as teammates – that’s what makes this such a successful, dynamic working environment. But we remain unified by the shared values and purpose laid out by Our Creed.
Our Creed defines our ‘Relentless Ally’ purpose, our vision to change the industry, and the four pillars that directly support our vision (Zero Harm, Client Advocacy, Zero Waste, and Employee Inspiration). You can check out some of our Relentless Allies here:
Meet Kelly Mejia, Senior Project Engineer
Meet Joe Tomaselli, General Superintendent
Meet Elizabeth Angel, Senior Process Manager
We can only achieve our mission with people that share our values, purpose and vision; AND are engaged each day in helping us achieve them. If you’re someone who shares our same passion and commitment, we’d love for you to explore opportunities with our company right here, today.

Can’t wait to start working with you!

Eric Stenman
Chief Operating Officer