Balfour Beatty Construction

At Balfour Beatty Construction, people and communities are at the heart of our business. We deliver more than $4 billion each year in one-of-a-kind buildings that enhance people’s lives and alter the landscape of our communities and our nation. We represent the needs, expectations, and visions of our clients and help turn that vision into reality through our partnership with specialty contractors, architects, community leaders, corporate boards, and project neighbors. Our people – 3,500 construction professionals – are the means by which we deliver. They are our only – therefore most precious – asset.

Our highest concern must be safety – protecting the well-being not only of our own people but of everyone we come into contact with. Our Zero Harm program is the boldest safety initiative in the history of the construction industry, and asserts there is no acceptable risk on any project.

As a leading provider of buildings, infrastructure, and services as well as a major employer, we aim to ensure that the work we do immediately improves the quality of people's lives while supporting the need of future generations.

We do this by:
Having board accountability for all initiatives
Valuing employees and their contributions in delivering sustainability
Promoting healthier lifestyles
Developing the skills and creativity of our people
Attracting and retaining great people and valuing a diverse workforce
Increasing employee satisfaction
Greater supply chain engagement
Employing locally and investing in skills
Creating an equitable market
Improving our communities through service and support

To learn more, see our Sustainability Blueprint.