Balfour Beatty Construction

Sustainable development means making better use of the planet's finite resources. By leading on environmental issues such as energy and waste, we are reducing our carbon footprint and helping our customers reduce their own impacts.

We're doing this by:

Meeting our goal of reducing Scope 1 and 2 Greenhouse gas emissions by 10% by 2011
Increasing the goal to 20% by 2015
Meeting our waste diversion rate of 50% by 2011
Increasing the goal to 75% by 2015

Some of the ways we assist our customers in saving costs and meeting their Sustainability goals include

  • Minimizing waste over the life cycle of assets
  • Assessing and providing a life cycle cost analysis
  • Increased use of recycled materials in construction
  • Understanding the role of indirect water in our industry
  • Enhancing habitat for ecological resources
  • Improving our own performance in areas such as carbon and waste reduction also reduces our own costs, which can be passed on to the customer.

In addition, in each of our locations, we actively promote our eco-engaged® initiative and incorporate environmental considerations into our planning and operational processes. We are aggressively pursuing goals for the end of 2012 such as:

  • Diverting 50% of our landfill waste
  • Reducing water use by 10%
  • Purchasing 100% of all our timber products from FSC or SFI sources

We’re measuring electricity and fuel usage for our offices and project sites, fuel use for our equipment, fugitive refrigerant, air travel, commuting, and waste, with a 2012 goal of reducing our carbon footprint by 10% and a 2020 goal of reducing it by 50%.

  • We employ more than 350 active LEED Accredited Professionals across the United States
  • We’re listed as one of the top 10 Green Contractors by Engineering News-Record magazine
  • Our portfolio includes more than $7 billion (18 million square feet) in construction of sustainable facilities whether scored by LEED, Energy Star, or other rating systems.

To learn more, see this section of our Sustainability Roadmap.