Balfour Beatty Construction


Our vision is to differentiate ourselves so significantly that we change the industry, and one of the ways we seek to achieve that is by hiring the best and the brightest in our industry and empowering them to develop new and innovative ideas for our business.

Here are some examples of our passion for innovation:

Safety: When loss prevention managers in Florida were faced with communications challenges from the many languages and dialects of workers from the Caribbean and South America, they developed a hazardous materials chart that uses colors and symbols to teach laborers how to protect themselves.

Sustainability: Our ecoengaged initiative began as a small group of employees striving to raise awareness about environmental responsibility in their local offices, and it has grown into a company-wide commitment to change how we design, construct, and use buildings.

Technology: In 2008, our Washington, D.C. office hosted a conference on Building Information Modeling (BIM) in which over 100 industry professionals gathered to share applications of and best practices for this game-changing tool. Since then, our involvement in BIM has skyrocketed, with all of our divisions maintaining a group of BIM experts, who are a core resource to each project and the entire company. Taking technology to the next level through collaboration will be a central topic at our 2012 Leverage and Innovation Expo.


  • Safety

     We’re committed to making our jobsites and offices safe for workers, the community, and the environment–with the boldest safety goal our industry has ever seen.

  • Sustainability

    We believe that protecting our natural resources is the right thing to do, which is why we’re leading the industry as one of the its Top Ten Green Contractors.


  • Technology

    We're constantly innovating to make construction more efficient. See the New Parkland Case Study showcasing the latest Innovation.

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