Balfour Beatty Construction


We care about your company AND your people.

As an experienced construction manager, Balfour Beatty does not typically self–perform any major components of the work in the actual construction of our projects, since we know it’s not always in the best interest of our clients.

Instead, we focus our expertise on hiring the best subcontractors to carry out the various disciplines of each project.

But when we ask you to bid for us, we know it isn’t just about us evaluating you. This is also your chance to evaluate us. So, to ensure we receive good bids, technical assistance during preconstruction, cooperation during construction, high quality workmanship, and positive references, we strive to meet your needs and expectations as our subcontractor partner.

When sending out bid packages we take a no-surprises approach, aiming to ensure that scope and pricing needs are well-defined with supporting documentation. Then, once selected, each subcontractor becomes an essential member of the project’s team.

After all, at Balfour Beatty Construction, we know that when construction managers listen to their subcontractors and view them as trusted partners, both the project and the client will benefit.



Our Promise to You
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