Balfour Beatty Construction

Design Teams

Turning YOUR vision into reality is what we do best. While your specialty is designing a dream that can become reality, ours is taking your dream and making it real.

We have the experience, the resources and, most importantly, the character to work effectively with you to realize each client's vision. Taking into account the specific areas of expertise your design requires, each team we bring together is customized.

We deliver the ultimate collaborative experience:

  • Measured expectations before the project begins
  • Evaluation of your feedback throughout all major milestones
  • Open and honest communication at all times
  • Active protection of your vision, goals, and reputation within the local community

At Balfour Beatty Construction, we are committed to cooperation, open communication and maintaining the design integrity of every project, from interior renovations to new construction, all while ensuring the best value for our client. Working together, our potential to create innovative, memorable and structurally superior buildings is limitless.

Spotlight: BOKA Powell

Three decades ago, Donald R. Powell, Jr., launched the firm known today as BOKA Powell. A full-service architecture, planning, and interior design firm, BOKA Powell is dedicated to creating compelling, flexible, and cost effective design solutions that directly meet the needs of their clients. Currently, BOKA Powell is Balfour Beatty Construction’s design/build partner for the new Omni Convention Center Hotel in Dallas, Texas – capping off a shared professional history that spans more than 12 years and $500 million in projects.


Our Promise to You
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