Balfour Beatty Construction

Client Service

Mission Alignment Process (MAP)™

Balfour Beatty Construction strives to differentiate itself in the construction industry by providing "the best construction experience–every time." Our whole business model and culture are based on our acknowledgment that the satisfaction of our clients is the entire basis of our success. Our people, their priorities, attitudes, and behaviors are the keys to achieving that satisfaction. So we spent nearly two years conducting hundreds of interviews with clients across the nation to determine how we could raise the level of client service "so significantly that we change the industry." We listened. And we learned.

The result was the development of our signature Mission Alignment Process (MAP)™, a structured approach to finding out how each individual customer defines the best construction experience and formulating a process to enable us to consistently deliver it.

From day one on a project, we establish and customize a survey to each client’s particular needs and priorities, and then meet regularly with the client and all key stakeholders through the project lifecycle to adjust, react, and reinforce performance successes or correct any problems or misunderstandings along the way. MAP helps ensure that the lines of communication are open between all stakeholders on a project, helping to negotiate the gray area intrinsic to construction projects and establish trust between Balfour Beatty Construction’s employees and our clients.


MAP Success Story of the Month

"Building a huge building is a very complex proposition, and it’s extremely important to establish the team dynamic and define expectations up–front. Balfour Beatty’s MAP kickoff meeting has been the single most important event in the life of the project so far. It defined success for the project in a way that we have never seen before."


–Larry Wheeler, North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC