Balfour Beatty Construction

Our Promise

Acting As A Relentless Ally

Worker wearing hard hat

At Balfour Beatty Construction, we are committed to acting as a relentless ally to each and every one of our clients, partners, and employees, through enabling the creation of integrated, high-performance teams that operate in true partnership to put the needs of our projects first.

We bring the best talent to every project we perform through hiring and developing leaders who are technically proficient, share our passion for service, and are given the autonomy and support to achieve superior outcomes.

We leverage the best practices and resources so that any project situation can benefit from the power of the entire company and our depth of experience within and across all major building types.

Driving state-of-the-art construction capabilities in areas such as Building Information Modeling, Green Building, and Safety, we are able to deliver innovative solutions for our clients both within the context of our joint projects and beyond.

The Balfour Beatty Construction vision is "to differentiate ourselves so much that we change the industry," and our philosophy takes this one project and one relationship at a time. It’s a lofty vision, but we believe that it’s the right one for the commercial construction industry of the future. It's time to expect more.

  • Our Brand Promise

    After interviewing and listening to hundreds of clients and business partners across the nation, Balfour Beatty Construction has made specific service commitments to each of our stakeholders.

  • Client Service

     Learn about our structured approach to discovering how each customer defines "the best construction experience" and the process that enables us to consistently deliver it.

  • Innovation

    We utilize the latest information and innovative approaches in technology, sustainability, and safety in our goal to deliver "the best construction experience ever."