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Military Housing

Military HousingSince 2002, Balfour Beatty Construction and Balfour Beatty Communities have responded to the privatized housing needs of the Army, Navy and Air Force across the United States.

We take an ownership interest in the creation of new communities at every phase of development. Our overall concept is to create neighborhoods with high quality, well-maintained, safe housing in a supportive setting. We strive to create exceptional communities that support America’s deserving military families.

Balfour Beatty’s unmatched financial strength, diverse talents and nationally recognized production building systems are making a positive impact today in widespread military locations across the United States.

During construction, our emphasis is always on quality, anchored by innovative construction methods and materials to support the environment. Our LEED professionals are committed to using sustainable practices by incorporating energy star products, environmentally friendly materials, and ensuring the recycling and reuse of site materials.

"It’s an honor to every morning to wake up and know we are providing housing for these soldiers and their families and while they’re gone either being deployed or out on training missions. We’re here to take care of them, not just with a roof over their heads, which is the high quality aspect, but also for a quality of life."

––Bob Shepko Senior Vice President of Project Management Balfour Beatty Communities


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Military Housing

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