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Think of it as a giant business card

Corporate Office and InteriorsNothing makes a stronger statement about your company than your corporate headquarters. And as the fifth largest office contractor in the United States, Balfour Beatty Construction helps our clients navigate the ever–evolving and complex decision–making in creating corporate environments that are a source of pride for years to come. We create dynamic spaces that serve both as a tool in recruiting and retaining valued employees and improving overall productivity. Increasingly, companies want their offices to reflect their corporate culture, values and DNA.

For decades our firm has delivered creative and sophisticated workspaces of the future for Fortune 500 companies, public companies and private clients using a negotiated team approach. Whether large or small, we approach every project and every client with success in mind. We have strong relationships with the most qualified subcontractors in the industry and buy high–quality, unique products from vendors around the globe.


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Corporate Office

Plaza America
Reston, VA

Corporate Office

Food Lion Customer Support Center
Salisbury, NC