Balfour Beatty Construction


At Balfour Beatty Construction, we firmly believe that employees who are better connected to their communities are intrinsically more passionate about the work we do. Therefore, we invest a great deal in not only giving employees a chance to give back, but also in helping employees celebrate that special culture we call "Balfour Beatty Spirit!"

Community involvement is not only part of our creed––"We support the communities where we live and work through acts of citizenship"––it is woven into the very fabric of our company and our ideals.

Last year, we contributed more than $1.4 million to support charities and community service projects like United Way, March of Dimes, Shelter House, and multiple cancer research foundations across the country -- to name just a few. Through Balfour Beatty Spirit! culture teams across the country, employees organize these and other charitable/community service events, while building and reinforcing company culture and employee engagement around our "giving back" mindset.

Employee participation in our charitable and environmental activities is encouraged through all our communications platforms and by the example set by our leadership, who take active roles in their local communities.

  • Project Highlight

    Small But Significant Circles of Care. Read the story of one of our own employees and how working at Balfour Beatty Construction impacted her own family.

  • Project Highlight

    Fight Night. Balfour Beatty Construction’s Fight Night, an event initially created to support two of Balfour Beatty’s own employees who were battling cancer, has become an event that employees and business partners mark on their calendars every year.


  • Service Nationwide

    Across the nation, Balfour Beatty Spirit! teams participate in activities to improve the quality of life in their communities. Here are just a few examples of our numerous efforts.